carton flow rack -Rack Builders Inc.Carton flow rack systems are a unique subset within the pallet racking industry. At RBI, carton flow systems have been incorporated into pick modules and even within typical selective pallet racking bays. These systems are essentially miniature versions of pallet flow systems where movement is largely driven by gravity to transport a load from one side of the system to the other. Carton flow is used for light load cases – generally around 25 pounds per square foot, for this reason they are often implemented into palletized storage systems in limited areas to handle cases, cartons and totes.

Another difference between carton flow and pallet flow has to do with how deep systems typically are, palletized loads are generally much larger than carton-type loads. Carton flow rack systems will sometimes only span the depth of a single truss or may span between a couple trusses in series.

Much like RBI’s pallet flow rack systems, carton flow uses a combination of beams placed at strategic elevations to provide an adequate slope for the carton flow tracks/rollers. There are many different styles of rollers that can be provided and implemented to meet a wide array of inventory applications.

Carton Flow Racking -Rack Builders Inc.

Carton flow rack provides a unique offering to allow users to pick small packages from the bottom of the system while still allowing plenty of large pallet storage up above. This configuration can provide SKUs with a short shelf life to move quickly via the first in – first out dynamic of carton flow while also providing selective, push-back, or pallet flow racking above.