Selective Pallet Rack -Rack Builders Inc Selective pallet racking is a versatile storage solution – both in terms of initial usage and future warehouse restructuring. The simple design allows for the rack to be utilized in a multitude of ways – offering 100% SKU selectivity and coverage of both light and heavy loading weights. Selective pallet rack components are also essential for several other storage solutions, such as push-back, pallet flow, drive-in, and carton flow.

A core selective racking system can consist of as little as three components: structural steel upright trusses, beams, and anchorage.

Other components can drastically modify the possible usage:

  • Pallet supports provide added safety, to prevent misplaced pallets from falling
  • Truss column reinforcement or deflection angles decrease rack damage from fork truck operations
  • Wire mesh deck is a pallet rack accessory that assists in maintaining pallets in less than desirable conditions or for small part storage
  • And many other storage solution options, both standard and custom to your needs can be provided

Cornerstone Pallet Rack Base -Rack Builders IncThis wide range of accessories allow selective pallet rack systems to change as rapidly as warehouse logistic requirements do… which not only allows for cost savings in the long run but also for decreasing future down time.

A selective pallet rack system is best deployed in warehousing and distribution facilities where there is a wide array of SKUs, frequent stock changes, and even small part storage via hand-stacked levels.

Conversely, selective pallet rack systems are not the most efficient storage system for warehousing large quantities of similarly sized SKUs.  The system’s design requires aisles to access each potential pallet position as opposed to a dense, uniform storage solution such as in push-back rack, drive-in rack, and pallet flow rack systems.

The Advantages of RBI Selective Pallet Rack:

  • Notched, bolted beam connection– Our specially designed endplate allows for smaller beams to be
    installed with half the quantity of bolts as our competitors
  • Beam connection adjustment on 1” centers
  • Standard truss bracing design
  • End plate options and compatibility with competitor products
  • Truss-type options, including recessed and end of row modifications
  • Universal truss, compatible with most competitor systems
  • Damage-resistant cornerstone base (shown right)
  • D ¾” standard anchor bolt