Rack Builders Inc. Structural Pallet RackRack Builders Inc. was incorporated in 2009 to fill a void in the Structural Pallet Racking market. The three founders of our company held an average of over twenty years of experience in the material handling field and were looking to bring superior products and excellent customer service to deliver the world’s best pallet racking.

RBI’s core products were designed to meet the needs of structural pallet racking distributors and storage system end users that had been missed by other organizations. In our eyes, each warehousing project is unique, which means each deserves our attentive engineering and tenacious customer service.

Over the last decade, RBI has grown by leaps and bounds – with our sales increasing on an average of 137% each year. We have expanded our main manufacturing facility in Quincy, IL, going from 96,000 sq. ft. up to 160,000 sq. ft.

We currently employ an engineering and manufacturing workforce upwards of 125 people, with our manufacturing site running multiple shifts. Our team of engineers and project managers hold an average of over twenty years of experience, ensuring that your storage system project will be designed and manufactured to the strict standard of seasoned industry veterans.