Pallet Rack Guarding & Damage Mitigation

RBI offers a wide array of products designed to protect upright trusses and reduce the damage incurred due to fork truck interaction. When used in combination with other RBI options, these small additions can extend the life of structural steel pallet rack and save money in long term operating costs.

Other damage reduction components include recessed or “jumbo”, heavy-duty trusses.

Welded & Bolt on Column Protection

Pallet Rack Column Protection -RBITo reduce wear and tear at the typical impact zone for pallet rack, which ranges from the floor to about 48”, deflection angles can be welded directly to upright trusses during our manufacturing process or as a bolt-on unit for post-market applications.

End of Row Pallet Rack Protection

End of Row Pallet Rack Protection - RBIAs fork trucks round the ends of aisles there poses a risk of clipping columns. When inspecting existing racking systems, you may see focused damage in these locations. To aid in protecting these hotspots, RBI has floor-mounted row end guards which can span the entire depth of a rack system. This solution provides safety alongside the depth of the storage system in addition to protecting the front columns of the end of row trusses due to the product’s unique half-moon ends.

Inline ‘Rub Rail’

Sometimes the addition of bolt-on rub rail protrudes too far into the bay/drive-in space to allow trucks to safely enter and exit the pallet rack system.  A simple way around this issue is RBI’s heavy-duty upright truss design which works in conjunction with heavier row spacer channels to give a continuous heavy horizontal along the bottom of the storage system depth.

The addition doesn’t stop at aesthetics – the heavy horizontals within the trusses combined with the heavy row spacers allow the impact zone to be strengthened throughout the entire depth of the racking system.

Bolt-on Rub Rail / End of Row Protection

For pallet rack systems that utilize fork trucks entering into the depth of the system, like for drive-in, or some applications of selective, push-back, and pallet flow rack, sometimes the desire to protect the impact zones of trusses extends through the depth of the system. In these cases, we have designed a bolt-on rub rail to extend protection through the storage system.

These components can also be utilized in tunnel bays, alongside pedestrian areas, or at the end of rows where pallets are being placed on the floor alongside pallet rack.

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