Rack Builders Inc. prides itself on designing and manufacturing pallet rack solutions with each customer in mind. Our innovation and experience have allowed us to offer unique solutions, which make our structural pallet racking systems easier to install and last longer.

Damage-Resistant Cornerstone Base

Rack Builders Inc Cornerstone Column BaseA major factor in pallet racking is durability. If trusses and beams cannot with stand significant force from impact, employees can be injured and product can be destroyed. The lowest four to six feet of trusses and beams is where we see the most damage to pallet racking.  RBI provides a wide range of damage mitigation options but one of the best ‘accessories’ we can offer is wholly unique to our organization.

The Cornerstone Base is a one of a kind solution to excessive fork truck and pallet rack interaction. By modifying the ‘shape’ of the base of the truss to a box rather than singular or reinforced column, the rigidity of the front leg increases quite noticeably. Another advantage to this style of baseplate is that the anchor hides within the space between the front column and the stub column that makes up the Cornerstone. This feature allows for protected anchorage and no protrusion into aisles or bays.

Standard Anchorage

RBI’s standard anchor is heavier size than most of our competitors. As a standard, our trusses use a single ¾” diameter anchor per base plate. We generally provide a 5-1/2” long anchor that requires a 3-3/4” minimum embedment with a minimum torque of 110 ft. lbs.

As this is a heavier piece of hardware, our designs can typically use less anchors than competitors which means there is less drilling that needs to be done to install our pallet racking. For projects being installed on less-than-ideal concrete, having less anchors with a greater distance between them also reduces the stresses on the floor surface. Also, combining the strength of this larger anchor and our robust cornerstone base can make for a very resilient structural pallet racking system.

Universal Trusses, Beams, & Components

Structural Steel Pallet Rack Trusses - RBIThough RBI’s typical trusses and notched beams are NOT compatible with competitor products, due to the nature of our connection style, we can manufacture most of our storage racking products with universal punching.

We still retain our 2” center to center spacing along our trusses, meaning we can provide additional flexibility, even when matching an existing, competitor product. Our universal trusses also maintain the same bracing patterns as our typical trusses; this allows us to transition from a row of existing competitor product to ours with minimal overlap in regards to components.

Our standard line of universal pallet rack beam connectors can work for beam heights/sizes from 3” to 12”. These connectors match our competitors, which means the need for special beams with different end connections is no longer required. Most of our brackets also offer 1” adjustability, which pairs well with the spacing of the holes on the face of our trusses.

A majority of our pallet racking product offerings are also compatible with competitor products. Accessories which connect beam to beam, such as pallet supports or beam spacers, would remain the same as our standard products. Accessories that connect to the trusses, such as row spacers or bolt-on column protectors would use a modified spacing between holes to ensure they align with the adjusted hole punching of our universal or competitor trusses.