Double Deep Pallet Rack RBI Storage SolutionsDouble deep, or two deep reach, pallet racking is a unique configuration of selective pallet rack, utilizing many of the same components. Where double deep racking differs is in its increase in pallet density by placing two trusses in line to create “lanes” that support two pallets deep worth of storage.

These storage systems are best utilized where there are larger quantities of a handful of different SKUs or stock that moves semi-frequently. Double deep systems are typically faster to load and unload than other dense structural pallet racking systems, such as push-back and drive-in racking. It is worth nothing that to load a double deep storage system requires a special fork truck attachment.

The Advantages of RBI Double Deep Pallet Rack:

  • Double Deep Pallet Rack RBI Storage SolutionsNotched, bolted beam connection — Our specially designed end-plate allows for smaller beams to be installed with half the quantity of bolts as our competitors
  • Beam connection adjustment on 1” centers
  • Standard truss bracing design
  • End-plate options and compatibility with competitor products
  • Truss type options, including recessed and end of row modifications
  • Universal truss, compatible with most competitor systems
  • Damage-resistant cornerstone base
  • D ¾” standard anchor bolt