RBI Reaffirms Commitment to Excellence for Customers & Partners

Since RBI was founded in 2009, we have been building – the world’s best rack, a strong business and a great place to work.  But most of all we’ve been focused on building great relationships with our customers and our partners.  They are the reason we started RBI ten years ago and the reason we’re so excited about the future!

As we begin a new year and our second decade, we promise to keep emphasizing:

  • Ingenuity – we’ll figure out how to make it happen for you
  • Quality – like we said, it’s the world’s best rack
  • Integrity – we’ll be honest and stand behind what we say and do
  • Connection – we will work to strengthen our relationships and continue to earn your trust

From three people working at a kitchen table in 2009 (that is how we actually started) to more than two hundred colleagues and two manufacturing facilities in 2020, we are proud of our successes and we look forward to even more with you.  THANK YOU for your confidence in us!