When CLEARAS Water Recovery began looking for a way to support their revolutionary wastewater treatment technology at their very first full-scale installation, they turned to what might seem like an unlikely source.  But Rack Builders provided the perfect solution for what they needed with their custom-designed, structural steel rack.

Founded in 2008, CLEARAS is leading the shift in wastewater treatment from removal to recovery. They are doing this through their Advanced Biological Nutritional Recovery (ABNR™) system.  A unique application of biomimicry, ABNR leverages and enhances nature’s time-tested patterns of nutrient recovery by transferring the problem – algae blooms – into the solution

According to Kevin McGraw, CLEARAS co-founder and operations manager, “While we were developing our ABNR technology, we built everything ourselves, including the support structure for our full-scale tests.  But as we moved to commercialization, we knew we needed a better solution going forward.”

The CLEARAS engineering team recognized the advantages of a rack-like structure and turned to Rack Builders because “their engineering and manufacturing capabilities meshed perfectly with our own,” says McGraw.

RBI and CLEARAS worked together to design a solution that met the unique requirements of the system.  During the installation phase the team refined the structure, and “RBI’s responsiveness was fantastic,” says McGraw, “even better than I had imagined.”

With projects 2, 3 and 4 all concurrently in the design phase, the two companies are working together to apply lessons learned from the first.

“We are excited CLEARAS chose RBI” says John Schmidt, Vice President of RBI.  “It really highlights the ingenuity of our people, and it’s an opportunity to be part of a game-changer for the environment.”